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About Us

Techtronics LED is devoted to the manufacturing, sales and service of high quality LED programmable signs (displays) and other programmable products. Relying on our many sources for custom parts and other components that assure a quality final product, we are proud to be a main  source for "top of the line" LED products at the lowest factory direct pricing available today. 

In addition to our sales office located in Louisville, Kentucky and our valued customer service, we are always in direct contact with our nationwide manufacturing and distribution partners to help us better serve the business community with their project needs. We offer the most up to date innovations for product enhancement, compliments of unsurpassed R&D teams provided to us by our manufacturing network. Our network confidence allows us to offer ongoing support and a 5 year warranty on  the majority of our products.

Our product line includes but is not limited to: outdoor and indoor LED programmable displays, billboard / event signage, programmable vehicle top advertising displays, transparent LED curtain screens, custom orders and much more. No order is too large or small.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation please give us a call for your next programmable LED project. As always we are proud to  provide detailed product specifications with the lowest factory direct price quote available today without sacrificing quality. All pricing provided by us will always be complete and includes shipping. .....and ongoing tech support is always provided at no additional cost!

Call and speak to a representative today.  We look forward to hearing from you!     

502-907-2233 / Toll Free 800-239-2018