Why we do not sell on public "re-sell" sites.......

We are often asked why we do not sell on ebay and other various sites. The answer is simple: "We are strictly in the LED business and do not want to be compared with those who just buy and resell" with no concern for quality or maintaining a long term business relationship. There are many factors to consider before purchasing LED programmable products and certainly first on the list should be "Warranty" Our warranty is exactly as stated. If our products fail in any way we will honor a repair or replacement in a very timely manner,usually withing 72 hours. We do not require that a sign or product be repackaged and forwarded back to us at the buyers expense. We have seen the fine print on warranties on products that are sold on various sites and most often repairs can take up to 6 months before returned! Our warranty covers a 5 year period (certain conditions apply) and we come to you the buyer if any tasks are required other than general routine maintenance. We know the importance of having a quality working product on location, especially with the monetary investment that you have contributed to such a business tool......plus the better we treat you, the more referrals that we can expect!!

Please give us a call for your next LED project, and remember" You get what you pay for!"

Techtronics LED