What LED sign is best for you?

Obviously there are many types of resolution signs that are available, and depending on your planned application any of them could be applicable. But please remember… the higher you go in resolution the more you can expect to pay. But what do you really need for your business? Please discuss these issues with your LED sign representative to determine which is best for your planned use.

Pixel pitch, Size, Resolution

Pixel pitch, size and resolution are the three main factors that people need to consider before purchasing a LED screen, but in fact only after also considering climate, installation height, distance to be viewed, content to display etc.

Consider the Maintenance Costs

All signs are different based on planned applications…larger signs require more maintenance. Consider whether it should be a front opening cabinet or rear access cabinets. This will save much time when conducting routine maintenance especially if mounted on a wall or solid structure. Removing a sign because access is limited can be very costly!

Operating Control Systems:

Remote Control: Primarily used for Tri color signs that display text and basic images. This is great for those persons who just want simple input without the wifi controlled/computer options. Operates as simple as TV remote control.

Wifi: This is the most popular when used with Full Color signs. Create on computer, with included programs, and transfer to signs wireless via wi-fi or other signal.


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